Wellness Zone

As we move into a new world, overcome challenges, and understand the importance of health & wellbeing. Our wellness zone will provide a bank of resources to enable you to find greater balance and calm as your professional self. There will be self-care tips, practical insights as well as links you can follow up post-event.

Mates in Mind

When Mates in Mind was launched in 2017, our charity’s work was rooted in improving mental health across the construction industry.

In our first year of action we partnered with organisations across the construction industry, building a community of 185 Supporter organisations, reaching more than 187,000 individuals across the sector.

Due to our success in transforming the mental health culture of workplaces across the sector, we have gained recognition in new sectors. As a result of this, we have expanded our framework and branding to include workers in industries who may not necessarily wear hard hats, such as manufacturing, ports, transport etc and office-based workers in the industry.

Kiku Coaching



KiKu is a Japanese word with many meanings.  For us, it means to LISTEN to ASK to HEAR.  Founded by Susie, Alex and Richard, we love the fact this one word simply defines what makes us more than your usual coaching agency.



The client must feel heard and understood, they need to own their goals and outcomes.  When someone is prepared to put the work in to discover what they really have potential for and to own their own narrative, they will enjoy huge rewards.



We’re delighted to be offering free coaching to delegates of the WiC Online Festival for the first time!  We unfortunately won’t be able to meet you face to face but can still conduct the sessions via video.

We have four different coaches available.  Have a read through their biogs then click on the link to book in a free one hour session on either the 21st or 22nd October.

We look forward to working with you!

Resource bank

The WiC Wellness Zone Resource bank provides you with unmatched resources across the board from meditation tips to family activities to previous WiC presentations.

Mindfulness  & Meditation
Engage in a variety of insight & practical advice to learn practical tips to ensure your health and wellbeing is prioritised throughout this time of uncertainty.
Family Activities 
For our parents who are attending, we’ve curated a list of activities for your younger children (4 - 8 years old) that will not only be engaging but spark their curiosity into the wider AEC industry.
Previous WiC Series Insight
Catch up with our unique on-demand videos from the previous Women in Construction events, from London 2018 to Europe to San Francisco 2019.